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Sharecare the dr. canadian generic viagra Oz show dailystrength realage log in sign up experts & people topics video health reference ask a health related question: digestive health fecal incontinence fecal incontinence causes and risk factors tweet add favorite fecal incontinence causes and risk factors recently answered q what causes anal sphincter damage?   in women, the most common cause of sphincter injury is vaginal childbirth. buy cheap viagra canada The risk is increased if a woman has a large baby; is older than usual at the time of delivery; a long second stage of labor (pushing); a forceps delivery, or a tear that... viagra cheapest online More view all answers > q what are the causes of fecal incontinence? discount generic viagra 100 mg Fecal incontinence can be caused by a number of digestive disorders. women and viagra side effects Constipation can cause fecal incontinence if impacted stool stretches and weakens the muscles of the rectum. Diarrhea can cause fecal incontinence if the muscles of the rectum have... More   fecal incontinence is a loss of bowel control leading to accidental passing of stool. This problem can be caused by muscle damage during childbirth, constipation, anal injury, nerve injury or rectal prolapse. taking 2 viagra pills More   fecal incontinence may be caused by an abscess or inflammation in the rectum or perianal area, or damage to the anal sphincter muscles or pelvic floor muscles from complications or trauma of childbirth, nerve damage resulting from childbirth neurologic... cheapest viagra online More view all answers > q is fecal incontinence serious? Fecal incontinence can cause discomfort as well as irritation and ulcers on the skin of the anal area, but it does not have serious physical consequences. On the other hand, fecal incontinence can be very embarrassing for those who suffer from it. cheap viagra viagra If you... buy viagra usa online More view all answers > q what causes bowel incontinence? cheap viagra gold   the anal sphincter muscles are two muscles at the end of the rectum called the internal and external sphincter muscles. viagra canada online These keep stool inside the rectum. Bowel incontinence may be caused by the following: - an abscess or inflammation in the rectum or... More view all answers > q can impaction from long-term constipation cause fecal incontinence? Viagra dosage proper   if hard fecal matter becomes stuck in the rectum -- a situation called impaction -- liquid stool will eventually leak out around it. cheap viagra gold This type of fecal incontinence (unintended passage of stool) is called overflow incontinence. where can i buy viagra online It can be confused... Order viagra overnight delivery More view. buy generic viagra generic viagra trusted pharmacy Red 30 trans, S.A Avda. Severo Ochoa, 80 Pol. Ind El Tiro 30.100 Espinardo MURCIA 968 27 43 11